Recovery of deleted files and folders, recover data from formatted, damaged, inaccessible logical partitions in a step-by-step mode. Instructions for recovery of logical drives and repair file systems. A convenient program for fix corrupted failed attempt to recover data after deletion, virus attack, unexpected system shutdown, power failure, software or hardware.

Data recovery

Usually all working information on your computer is stored on hard drives. By themselves, the data on the hard disk is not protected either from other programs or from accidental or deliberate user commands, nor from hardware failures that can lead to destructive consequences. As a result, valuable information can be lost due to accidental program crashes, viruses, user errors or deliberate destruction of data by an attacker. How much are estimated lost data – every determines for himself.

Often it can exceed the cost of the computer and cost of years of hard work. What if information is lost from the hard drive somehow lost important files or logical drives generally formatted or even deleted, how to perform data recovery? Many believe that data is lost forever. But it is not. Consider the most typical cases. We will help VA to find answers to questions how does the hard drive, what is a server, how does the data record. Understanding the process of data recovery (and assess the possibility of recovery), in my opinion, we need at least in General terms to know in what way is the storage and deletion of files on the hard disk.

And the principle is simple: roughly speaking, all files are stored on the hard disk as a series of ones and zeros. Moreover, these sequences are not always contiguous and can be stored in different parts of the hard disk (the phenomenon of fragmentation). Now… When we in Windows delete a file, then the above bit sequence is not going away, and just marked as the space available for overwriting.

what is a server

Even for restoring data from disk. Or restore flash drives can be performed using a simple tool. Soon I will look at the most popular of them both paid and free. Sign up for updates not to miss. Before beginning to consider the program to recover data from a flash drive, a little advice.

If you have hdd regenerator or other device with which you want to recover information, it is physically damaged, you can perform the recovery is not recommended! It is better to turn to professionals of this business. If you never lost important data, assume that you are just lucky. Information on the hard disk could be lost due to unexpected exit of a hard disk malfunction, a virus attack or simply due to accidental deletion. If you have lost a couple of e-books downloaded from the Internet, it is certainly a pity, but not really scary. Another thing, if I lost almost finished the doctoral thesis or the results of many years of scientific research. However, each user their own values: for some, the greatest loss may be files with the passage of games, someone is more likely to suffer from loss of unique photos. 

Therefore, if we do not recorded on the “remote” file, then it is highly likely that you can restore back, even if he was removed from the Recycle bin! Sometimes it is even so that you can return data that has been partially overwritten! But here, as they say, fifty-fifty :(. For example, You can quite successfully recover partially jammed videos, music or pictures with minimal losses, but You hardly will return documents, archives, and applications (or rather, return-that You will pay it back, but they simply will not open). Data loss occurs due to various reasons. Someone formatted the hard disk accidentally deleted data from recycle bin or bypassing it, the files were deleted by viruses, etc. in Order not to lose valuable information for you forever, you can try to restore it. By the same programs for data recovery now abound.

Hdd regenerator

Certainly, is better to make copies of important files, using a programme for data retrieval, but if the problem occurred in advance to get upset, and even more don’t be panic. There are many programs that helps you recover lost files. We have already got acquainted with similar utilities, but this time a range of programs will be another, no less useful and relevant. Simple formatting or hard disk repair re-creates the file allocation table, which now States that the entire surface of the disk is empty.

However, previous data is deliberately not erased and remain in their places. If their place is already after formatting were not written new data, then disappeared in the process of creating a new format files can still be recovered with the help of special programs. So it is deleting and creating logical partitions you are creating a new partition table, new drives are empty, but the old information is on their own, although now it cannot be accessed by the standard tools of the OS. The exception is the so-called low-level formatting: all surface of a hard disk is set to zero, the data is gone forever. The data recovery process, as a rule, is carried out using special software. Modern storage devices are constantly being improved, however, new technological solutions are still not able to solve one of the main problems with drives and other data carriers – loss of information, which is necessary to restore the data. The reason for the loss of the necessary files can serve as formatting, accidental pressing the “Del”malicious virus, crash drive, caused, for example, voltage drop, software error, or malicious actions.

Data retrieval

Of course, this approach datarecovery may seem quite acceptable. Formatting the drive clears the source file system by overwriting at least some part of it (usually begin). But, when he tried to return it to its original state “brute force”, you are, at best, get a readable disc recorded with some files on it. Not all of your files and not the most valuable of them (for example, documents, archives and photo albums), but only some randomly selected from the total number of files that were originally located on your disk. So if you are considering such, just forget about him immediately: at least some system files in this process will be lost forever, so even if you manage to download the OS, you will never get a stable operating system!

This manual data retrieval service will tell you how to recover data on your hard disk, even if it is damaged file system partition (including NTFS). We’ll show you how to restore it and not lose your data and how to solve other possible problems associated with loss of data on your hard disk. If you have enough time working with a computer, you know that your hard disk cannot be considered a reliable place to store data. Unlike CDs, and other tools for data storage, the hard drive is a mechanical device that is in the process of work wear out, like any mechanism. In addition to mechanical breakdown, there are so many ways to lose data on the drive on which they are very easy and quick to change. The first sector of the NTFS partition is reserved as bootable.

It contains information that allows the system to work with this section, without this information section is disabled. Copy of the boot sector is stored in the last sector of the partition. The equivalent of this sector in FAT is also called a boot and stored in the first sector of the partition. The difference with the FAT is that FAT does not store copies of this information, making recovery more difficult… the First file that is stored on the disk, called the Master File Table (MFT) is a table that contains information about the location of all files, their properties and rights of access. NTFS stores a copy of this information. FAT has a similar file allocation table File Allocation Table (FAT), a backup copy is also available on disk.

If a file is deleted, including from the “basket”, both file systems simply mark it as deleted. The data is not actually removed from the disk, but the place which they occupy on the disk is free. So all files can recover lost partition, unless you do not recorded on the disc after their removal. As recover deleted from the Recycle bin, you know everything. And is there any way to recover a file deleted from the Recycle bin? Or when a file is deleted bypassing recycle Bin? For example, you have placed a check, and files deleted bypassing recycle bin, and then accidentally deleted annual report for work.┬áBut no need to immediately despair, all you can restore even when a standard Windows OS tools powerless. All this is based on the fact that during the removal of information from computer, it is not going away and disappears (maybe you noticed that the record is much longer than delete). In fact, when files are deleted, overwritten only the service information and renamed the file itself (in the beginning added a special name). After that, the system starts to consider the clusters that were previously used by the deleted file is free. In subsequent work, write new information, it can be put in place recently deleted file (which you want to restore). For this reason, it is strongly recommended not to use the computer to the full restoration of deleted information from the recycle bin, as valuable information can be lost irrevocably. Moreover, actually even restore the lost information from the remote logical partition or formatted hard disk.

The probability of full recovery of deleted information is much higher, the lower the level disk Defragmenter (which means that the cluster deleted file go straight chain), the less time has passed since the removal of the data and the smaller the size of the remote file. Restore data directly depends on how quickly you react. So it is not necessary to forget, that to restore all information (if the volume is impressive) in full at times impossible. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to duplicate an important and valuable information on various media. Data restore is a very important question. To it can affect everyone, regardless of the level of knowledge, training, quality equipment and the installed operating system. Users on a personal computer working with data, and not something else. Therefore, in some difficult situations you have to restore them. The situation in which you need to recover data, can occur for various reasons – from a failure in the operating system, failure of equipment, to the human factor, when a user inadvertently delete some data. And in conclusion, I would like to say that there are no hopeless situations. But in order steadfastly them to survive, we must be prepared for him in all weapons. Additional, specialized programs will help you with this. How to recover deleted does not seem to be a complicated process, to cope with whom under force only to professionals.