In today’s modern business world, it’s not enough to have a polished and engaging website. To really expand your business and to reach out to new clients, both based in the UK and overseas, it is imperative to translate your website into other languages. Doing so will ensure that everyone, regardless of nationality or language, will be able to understand your service or product and will feel safer and more assured in doing business with you.


Why are Translated Websites so Important? 

For business to thrive, it is important that everyone is able to understand each other. Indeed, statistics show that online shoppers are far more likely to buy something from a website in their own language, and almost half of European consumers complained that they felt like they couldn’t understand everything on websites because they weren’t translated into their native language and as such missed out on meaning or information. And if you factor in the diversity of population in a city such as London, translating means that you’ll reach out not only to international customers, but also those closer to home as well.

In fact, it doesn’t take too much to imagine yourself. How likely would you be to input your card details and part with money on a website on which you don’t fully understand all of the content, contractual obligations and clauses? And how much more likely would you be if that website was in English? Of course, the same applies to other languages as well.

Therefore, the more languages you can translate your website into, the wider your potential client base and the happier your customers will be. A good quality translation is worth paying for as well, since excellent levels of grammar, spelling and syntax will make the user feel more assured and trusting about your professionalism and integrity. As such, it is advisable not to skimp when it comes to website translations.

What sort of Services are Available? 

Luckily, there are a whole host of translation services out there. There are many companies whose specific goal is to provide you with an accurate, professional translation, often only using translators whose language is their mother tongue. Contracting one of these to overhaul your website and make it intelligible to the wider world can work wonders for your business in the long run. There are two main types of translation service provided, which are as follows:

Standard Translation Service 

This service entails a full translation of the document into the desired language, which is then returned to the buyer in document form. The buyer then will need to manually change the content of the website themselves – or hire a third party to do so. This type of service is perfect for those who wish to review, adapt and change the content of the translated document before it is launched online.

Full Translation Service

This service will not only translate the document in full, but also go ahead and change the website content accordingly. This type of service is appropriate for those not comfortable with altering website content, or who wish a more seamless and easier transition. It does require absolute trust in the abilities of the translator, though if they have been certified by a recognised governing body, this should not be an issue.

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