Technology is a great way to boost your artistic abilities. A computer can be used to create art, or simply to seek inspiration and learn new skills. Whatever your approach, you may find that technology is a valuable asset in developing your work.

There are multiple levels on which a computer can be used to help with your art. Even if your approach to art is very traditional, you may still find some ways to make technology useful.


Buying Supplies

It may be a simple point, but buying art supplies is essential in creating any form of artwork. The internet is a great place to purchase supplies for a couple of reasons. Firstly, online businesses are often cheaper than brick and mortar shops. This means that buying supplies online can save you money.

Secondly, buying online makes it easier to access a wider range of supplies. A site such as www.jacksonsart.comwill give you access to a very wide selection, and make it easy to browse the supplies on offer in your own time. When you order, the supplies will be delivered directly to you.

Creating Art

Purchasing a graphics tablet will enable you to create art on a computer using techniques similar to those found in traditional art. The tablet will include a stylus which is used in the same way as a pencil or paintbrush. This can be used with a standard graphics program, or one which is specifically designed to imitate the look of traditional materials like pencils and paint.

Even if you have little interest in creating your art digitally, some lower-end graphics tablets can be very affordable. Purchasing one may be a useful way to practice and try new things without using art supplies, and then transfer what you learn to traditional materials.

Learning New Things

Another way to learn new things is to simply look for information on the internet. The internet is home to a vast amount of information on all kinds of subjects, including art. Talented artists have produced tips and tutorials which can be easily accessed, often for free. They may be written, illustrated or video tutorials, allowing you to choose what best fits your learning style.

There are also complete courses available online from a range of providers. Like studying a physical class, you will receive instruction through a series of lessons and then produce assignments for assessment. However, the quality of online courses can vary from very low to vary high, so choose your provider carefully.

Sharing Your Art

You can also use a computer to share your art online. This could be art produced on a computer, or something you have created with traditional materials and then scanned or photographed. Sharing your art online can give you the satisfaction of having it seen and admired, as well as helping you to gather useful feedback from fellow artists.

The most popular site for sharing art online is Deviant Art. However, there are a number of other sites and online communities for artists. You may even wish to create your own site, completely dedicated to showcasing a portfolio of your art.


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