Play is the action of taking part in a game, that is, an exercise in entertainment subject to certain rules. The act of playing has a very important socializing factor as through play can strengthen relationships, meet people and make friends. In addition, chat games play the role of different stun abilities and skills training, the player may apply in future situations. But perhaps the best known facet of the game is fun, because when we think of play, the first thing that comes to mind is the fun and entertainment.

What kinds of games can we play?

Traditional Games: These are games that have been passed down through families and often their origin is very remote. The rules of traditional games often vary in different areas where you usually play and often make use of different materials such as a ball, bowling or a rope…

Board games and card games: Board games are usually played with a board and a number of parts in a tour game logic gun. For its part, the central element of a game is a deck of cards. Friends are now playing playing fun games in social network as well.  Now the social network groups are playing funny games. click here to play facebook games.

Sports games: Often set definition separates the sport, as the latter implies institutionalized competition. However, when friends get together to play a football game, the competition is in the background and what really matters is the fun.

Video Games: Video games can be played through various platforms such as a computer or a game console. These games can be free or paid, and may be available online or require special equipment.

What are interactive games?

An interactive game is one game that allows interactivity, ie, reciprocity and dialogue between the player and the platform used, be it a computer, game console or any other electronic device.

Interactive games as a tool in education

Currently being developed numerous interactive games for children with educational content that combine learning with entertainment and fun. The new generations are familiar from his early years with the Internet and video games. Therefore, interactive games are a valuable tool to supplement their learning. There are gaming portals targeting at interactive educational games. Similarly, there are rooms for children chat and chat for students, in which they can play, exchange ideas and make friends. In these rooms, administrators and operators are responsible for the proper functioning and the contents of the chat are suitable for children.