If you want to renovate your lifestyle, it doesn’t mean you have to divorce the spouse and head to the beach to live like a bum. There are plenty of ways to shake up your routine that can make your life sparkle like it is brand new. These changes can be as small as changing your image to as large as starting a new career.

People do get in a rut because we tend to do what we find comfortable over the years. The trick to creating a new life is to dare to do something different – no matter how small. Try a few of these.

A Makeover

Men can shave their beards or grow them. They can opt for styling their facial hair in new ways, even pampering themselves with The Art of Shaving brush. Women can change their hairstyles and colors. Experiment with hairstyles and grooming to get an instant makeover. Try fake tans, eyelashes, hair extensions, or whatever you’ve never dared to try before.

Buff It Up

Have some fun with exercise and see whether you can get that toned muscled look you’ve always wanted. Taking classes at a gym that are new to you can also introduce you to different lifestyles. For instance, learn yoga or tai chi. They come with philosophies that tie into a spiritual lifestyle.

Take a Few Classes

You can even do this online, if you don’t want to attend a regular class. Indulge your thirst for knowledge with learning adventures. Try out that interest you always had but never pursued. Learn beekeeping or even start a degree program.

Make New Friends

Try to find a few friends that aren’t like your old friends. They can introduce you to new experiences from music to food to entire cultures. They can give you a fresh perspective and guide you on your way to a new chapter in your life.

Eat New Treats

Never had a truffle? Go out and buy one. Forget the hamburger and fries and try an Ethiopian restaurant next time. Even if you don’t like it, it will still be memorable.

Give yourself some time to learn new things and try out new paths. In the end, you will be happy you gave it a go. You’ll feel like a new person, even if you find some changes challenging. Just the energy of switching things up can attract new avenues in your life.

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