There are many online business owners who hire a professional web designer to make their site. Unfortunately, these people will often make the mistake of assuming that the project is in good hands. Therefore, they to not regularly check how the designing of their site is progressing. This often turns out to be a mistake that costs the online business owner a great deal of time and money. It is always a good idea to regularly check in to see how the work is going when you hire someone to do a job for you. This goes for remodeling a room, building a deck or designing a website. Here are some of the issues that you need to pay close attention to during the design process of your site.

1. Page transition

People have a shorter attention span than they did many years ago. Therefore, the slightest technical problems will be enough to drive some people away from your site. Slow webpage transition is one of the things that really irritates many people. They want the next page to appear immediately as soon as they click on something. Visitors to your site will be upset if the page transition on your site makes them feel like they are using a dial-up connection. Constantly check your site as your web designer is working. Make sure you have a smooth and fast transition between your web pages.

2. Search engine

Another frequent problem in many e commerce web design situations is the speed and accuracy of the search engine feature. It is understandable that people want to find what they are looking for as soon as possible. They do not want to wait 30 seconds for your site’s search engine to come up with the results. This is something you need to pay close attention to because search engines are often prone to have problems. The is especially true if the web designer is not very experienced. You need to tell your web designer immediately if you notice the search engine taking a long time to show results. You also need to make sure the search results being displayed are accurate and relate to the item being searched for.

3. Videos

Videos are a very popular feature to have on your site. They make it possible to convey info in a way that is more interesting than a basic paragraph of text. However, videos are prone to having glitches when they are being played. Make sure that all of your videos play back smoothly with no choppy video or audio. You also need to think very carefully if you want your videos to start playing when a person opens a page that a video is on. This can tend to annoy some visitors. Videos that play automatically can severely slow down the page movement for people with a slow connection. You need to keep in mind that not every person will be accessing your site through a fast connection.

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