When you need printing in Melbourne, it is best to follow current trends in commercial and digital printing. When you spend your hard earned advertising budget on print media, you want it to be attractive and get the attention of prospective customers. To accomplish this, you must follow the trends in printing and advertising. The advertising materials that look up to date and follow current trends are the ones that get attention, and therefore, are the ones that bring in customers. Here are some trends to note when placing your next order for printing in Melbourne.


Go Digital


Printing in Melbourne, and all over the world, is going digital. Make sure your next order utilises digital colour, as well as digital wide formatting. Digital colour printing is expected to increase by nearly $10 billion between 2011 and 2016. In addition, there will be a 7 percent increase through 2016 on digital wide formatting. These digital features are especially important in books, direct mailers, and brochure printing.


Rack Cards


Rack cards have been an upcoming trend. Sometimes you need to give customers more information than what is contained on a small business card, yet not as much information as what is in a catalog or a larger flyer. After all, at times giving too much of those a way can be a waste of money when printing in Melbourne. Rack cards are the perfect solution. They allow for more room for pictures and information, yet are more cost effective in advertising. They offer two sides to be designed anyway that you like. They are usually fast and easy to design and offer a quick printing turnaround. They provide a balance between budget and smart advertising.




According to McKinsey, beginning in 2013, marketing and advertising became more consumer-specific and personalised. It started to consistently include names of the consumers receiving them, and also were specified to their shopping history; such as baby advertisements or special diet food advertisements. Mailers and other print media marketing are honing in on specific consumer purchasing history to predict what they will buy in the future, as to not waste time advertising something to a consumer that has no need or want for it.


Including Social Media and QR codes


When using printed media to market your business, it is of utmost importance to include your social media info with your contact info. Most consumers are connecting through social media sites these days and like to connect with companies who are doing the same. Make sure to add your business info for Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and any other social media site you participate in.


QR codes are also a smart way to advertise with printed media when you get printing in Melbourne. Although the consumer has what some would call old-fashioned advertising in their hands with your printed ad, they can connect it into the digital world with the use of a QR code. Be sure to include a short explanation of the QR code and how to use it along with it.


These are just a few of the new trends in print media. When you purchase printing in Melbourne, be sure to include these tips to increase your business. When printing, the company you use should keep up with the trends in the printed advertising market in order to deliver the best advertising to you and to your customers. For all your printing and advertising needs, print in Melbourne with Discount Printing.