Data Recovery

Usually all working information on your computer is stored on hard drives. By themselves, the data on the hard disk is not protected either from other programs or from accidental or deliberate user commands, nor from hardware failures that can lead to destructive consequences. As a result, valuable information can be lost due to accidental program crashes, viruses, user errors or deliberate destruction of data by an attacker. How much are estimated lost data – every determines for himself.

Often it can exceed the cost of the computer and cost of years of hard work. What if information is lost from the hard drive somehow lost important files or logical drives generally formatted or even deleted, how to perform data recovery? Many believe that data is lost forever. But it is not. Consider the most typical cases. We will help VA to find answers to questions how does the hard drive, what is a server, how does the data record. Understanding the process of data recovery (and assess the possibility of recovery), in my opinion, we need at least in General terms to know in what way is the storage and deletion of files on the hard disk.

And the principle is simple: roughly speaking, all files are stored on the hard disk as a series of ones and zeros. Moreover, these sequences are not always contiguous and can be stored in different parts of the hard disk (the phenomenon of fragmentation). Now… When we in Windows delete a file, then the above bit sequence is not going away, and just marked as the space available for overwriting.


Even for restoring data from disk. Or restore flash drives can be performed using a simple tool. Soon I will look at the most popular of them both paid and free. Sign up for updates not to miss. Before beginning to consider the program to recover data from a flash drive, a little advice.

If you have hdd regenerator or other device with which you want to recover information, it is physically damaged, you can perform the recovery is not recommended! It is better to turn to professionals of this business. If you never lost important data, assume that you are just lucky. Information on the hard disk could be lost due to unexpected exit of a hard disk malfunction, a virus attack or simply due to accidental deletion. If you have lost a couple of e-books downloaded from the Internet, it is certainly a pity, but not really scary. Another thing, if I lost almost finished the doctoral thesis or the results of many years of scientific research. However, each user their own values: for some, the greatest loss may be files with the passage of games, someone is more likely to suffer from loss of unique photos. 

Therefore, if we do not recorded on the “remote” file, then it is highly likely that you can restore back, even if he was removed from the Recycle bin! Sometimes it is even so that you can return data that has been partially overwritten! But here, as they say, fifty-fifty :(. For example, You can quite successfully recover partially jammed videos, music or pictures with minimal losses, but You hardly will return documents, archives, and applications (or rather, return-that You will pay it back, but they simply will not open). Data loss occurs due to various reasons. Someone formatted the hard disk accidentally deleted data from recycle bin or bypassing it, the files were deleted by viruses, etc. in Order not to lose valuable information for you forever, you can try to restore it. By the same programs for data recovery now abound.